One of the biggest kicks I get is writing with other people. When it really comes together you end up with a song that none of you would have created on your own. It's a special feeling and a great thrill to be in the room when it happens.

Here are some friends I'm sure you'll enjoy discovering.

Co-writes with David Harris

David Harris released an excellent debut CD, August Moon, which I absolutely love. I've played it a lot and it gets better with every listen. You can imagine how thrilled I am to have co-written four of the tracks on his follow-up, The Usual Suspects
Stranger in town Listen on Dave's site
Black sandy bay Listen on Dave's site
Moscow rules Listen on Dave's site
What gets left behind Listen on Dave's site

But don't just listen to those, every song is a winner. Check out both his albums. (You can thank me later).



Co-writes with Tina Pluchino

Bristol seems to be where it's all happening! Try to catch a gig by the wonderful Tina Pluchino if you possibly can. 

As a taste of what you're missing, enjoy these live videos of three songs I was involved with.


Co-writes with Joel Harper