Barry Bilberry was born under a wandering bar. He was adopted by Ma and Pa Bilberry when they heard him busking for grass outside the local Walmart. Raised by sheep, he had left home at the age of 11 because home wasn’t giving him the chance to flex his vocal range. At home they sang the same song every night. Barry was convinced there must be other tunes out there. Somewhere. Beneath the pale moonlight.

Barry “what the feck was that about” Bilberry is, to this day, always accompanied by his trusty hat, Mini-Barry. Mini-Barry gave him shelter in the bad times, and was also quite handy for the grass donations. Barry, with Mini-Barry, adds a certain “je ne sais baa” to that unique Bilberry sound. The other Bilberries therefore kindly overlook some of his more eccentric habits and ignore the strands of wool in his hair when he comes down to breakfast.


Meet the Bilberrys”


At the age of 14 Shifty climbed a tree to peek into the dormitory of the local girl's boarding school. The shock of finding there wasn't actually a slow-motion pillow fight in progress was so great he lost his grip and fell twenty feet into an ornamental rockery. The accident left him with permanent mild concussion and an irrational fear of garden gnomes.

The resident science nerd of the Bilberry clan, Shifty is developing a top secret process which he hopes will convert milk in to a substitute for cheese.

Favourite colour: 12-bar blue. Birth stone: gravel. Biggest dislike: garden gnomes. Biggest likes: cheese, music and naughty girls. Motto: If in doubt, play A minor pentatonic.

Snifty was born with a hyper-heightened sense of smell. This talent set him up for an early career as a wine taster but chronic sneezing and sniffling led to early retirement. However during his time in the vineyards and orchards of Swindon he developed a love of berries and grapes and became obsessed with all things fruity

Fortunately his persistent sneezing and sniffling were not a hindrance in the deafening world of rock where his snuffles were quickly drowned out. And so the stage was set for his rock and roll transformation. He went on to form a band called the Muller Lites. After this he toured with the Bonne Mamans and the Tutti Fruttis. Some say he was ahead of his time - anticipating the current trend in beat boxing (as many of his early works included sniffing sound effects as a key part of the musical tapestry). Early hits such as 'Every sniff you take' and 'sneeze rattle and roll' have cemented his place in rock history. He joined the Bumbling Bilberries in 2015.

Froggy was born in the darkest in the deepest lake in outer Podalaskie within croaking distance of the Wild Wood.

His innate ability to be unable sit still for any length of time, has been attributed to his early tadpole years and the influence of rock and roll.

From his early days as a young Sprog his nickname to his nearest and dearest is Four Eyed Froggy due to his notable short sightedness inherited from a long line of artisans, specialists in close up work such as tailoring, diamond cutting, engraving and miniature portraits.

However Froggy turned his back on the “trades” and opted for a musical career.

Froggy formed a band in his early years called the Croakers and had a major hit with Jump, Jive and Roll and the Hokey Croakey – a new interpretation of an old dance.

Other big hits by the Croakers were Jumping at the Lakeside and Jump for Joy.

Froggy joined the Bilberries in the early 16th century and brought his unique brand of Froggy Hop Beats to combine with other members’ groovy sound. Froggy was a co-writer on one of the early Billberry Classic songs the Bilberry Bop.

Froggy’s Biggest fear: ending up as “des cuisses de grenouilles” for the “L’entrée” for a family across the water.

Froggy’s Biggest Wish: to meet a well-meaning fairy who will turn him back into a prince so he can meet his dream princess.

Some describe his past as checquered - though others say it's more gingham. Aubrey is the youngest documented son of the Cleethorpes Bilberries, who cultivated the now legendary Bilberry terroir in their allotment. Their Chateau La Bilberry is a byword for opulence in the 5 star restaurants of Doncaster and Bridlington. His playboy lifestyle, however, led to him being forced to leave the family chateau under a cloud, or more precisely under a hostess trolley.

For several years he scratched a living in the badlands of Cheshire as a green welly rustler, sleeping rough in an abandoned Range Rover Evoque. To while away the long nights, he began teaching himself guitar using a lacrosse racquet which happened to be flung at him one night whilst scaling the wall of a convent.

He eventually developed his unique and lauded improvisational style, the essence of which is to never play the same thing once.